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Why Us?

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

We take pride in our quality

Moving things from point A to B is simple. The process is what matters.

There are four standards we keep in order to transport your products safely:

  1. We strictly use newer trucks (from year 2007+)
  2. We adhere to the standard transportation regulation. (Click the links below to view our certifications)
  3. We provide GPS Tracking on all of our fleets.
  4. When needed, we can provide warehouse to store your goods while waiting for the next shipment.

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Vision & Mission

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." - Jonathan Swift

Our Vision
To be the preferred ‘Integrated one stop transportation & Logistics service company’ with aim to provide the most reliable service in transportation, warehousing, forwarding and distributions throughout Indonesia.


  • To provide a finest transporting solution for the cutomers
  • To meet the excellent performance
  • To conduct a healthy, safety, and environmentally-friendly operation
  • To be strongly commited in the development for efficiency on human resources and technology
  • To expand a sustainable growth in logistics industry throughout Indonesia

Seven Core Values

  • Safety, We are commited to deliver services in the highest SAFETY manner for our people, customers, and environment.
  • Excellence, We highly perform a service EXCELLENCE based on the International Standard.
  • Responsible, Customer’s satisfaction is our goal and we are strongly RESPONSIBLE to preserve our customer’s trust.
  • Victorious, With our VICTORIOUS mindset, HACACA LOGISTICS continuously learn and improve our services to meet our customer’s needs.
  • Integrity, To firstly place INTEGRITY at our service and to conduct the business with a respect to the valid codes of Ethic.
  • Care & Creative, We handle our customers with CARE & uses our CREATIVITY to provide best solutions to each customer’s needs.
  • Efficient, We constantly improve our functions to achieve customers and Institution with competitive benefits.

Below are various transportation and warehousing services we can provide you with.


Get a glimpse of various projects we have done and the tools we are working with.

Contact Us

Office Jalan Greges Jaya II No. 2F Surabaya

Customer Support 031-7483510, 7483511, 7481006


Maintenance Yard Jl Tambak Langon 25 Surabaya

Hotline 031 7491 335, 031 7451 337, 031 748 4509

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